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Nothing is more breathtaking and awe inspiring than the majestic castles of ancient Europe, and Slovakia is home to some of the most impressive of all. Coupled with numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites dotted throughout the landscape, these bulwarks of magnificence stand apart from other countries with their collection of styles and cultural presence unmatched in any other area. Marvel at the impressive Spiš Castle, the largest castle in Central Europe and one of the largest overall castles in all of Europe. Formed by a complex of Gotic and Renaissance architecture, this UNESCO World Heritage Site sits quaintly in the hills near Spišská Nová Ves and draws in countless visitors each year. Explore Vlkolínec, an ancient town and open-air museum comprised of old northern Slovakian architecture with many residents still living in its 45 original wooden houses. With more sites being added each year to the UNESCO World Heritage List the prominence of the country only continues to grow. These sites and more are captured by faithful artists in captivating photos to showcase their glory to the world. Explore our catalog for yourself and feel the power that these pages have to offer and never miss out on some of the most impressive and eye catching scenery to come out of this great country.

Whatever you’re into, never forget that a picture is worth a thousand words. Captured by the most talented creative artists from both Slovakia and around the world, all royalty-free pictures found on this website illustrate Slovakia in all of its glory. To browse the most beautiful and captivating photos of this magnificent country all in one place use search now feature of this website and prepare to be amazed.