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From babbling brooks to placid lakes tucked away within the mountain, Slovakia’s water scene is truly unique and unparalleled in both its beauty and ambiance. Though landlocked, Slovakia is home to hundreds of natural lakes formed through glacial erosion as well as rivers winding their way through its picturesque countryside. Experience what it is like to traverse the River Danube, the naturally formed border between Slovakia and Hungary. Explore the nearly 200 lakes formed in the High Tatras area alone, carved out of the pristine mountains in past as glaciers moved across the land during the last Ice Age. See the impressive dams and reservoirs as well as over a thousand naturally occurring mineral water and hot springs dotting the diverse landscape. All of this and more can be found in our catalog, showcasing the most impressive and memorable natural moments captured forever by professional photographers to share with the world. Whether you are looking for just the right photo for professional reasons or hoping to relive a moment in all of its glory, our collection is sure to please and can guarantee you will always have the most inspiring imagery that Slovakia’s lakes and rivers have to offer.

Whatever you’re into, never forget that a picture is worth a thousand words. Captured by the most talented creative artists from both Slovakia and around the world, all royalty-free pictures found on this website illustrate Slovakia in all of its glory. To browse the most beautiful and captivating photos of this magnificent country all in one place use search now feature of this website and prepare to be amazed.